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It has been proven that any given application needs to be uploaded at least 5 times in order to get the application working as you expect it to do.
Therefore we have set up these policies.

You can get a free DatabaseBuilder template on the download page. However, you have to register to receive the generated application into your mailbox.
We grant unlimited upload rights for JumpStart DNN based on Visual Data's "Open Use" policy. JumpStart DNN will render the DNN applications with the set of available extentions "As Is".

The extended licence policy

Visual Data's Extended Use policy is for developers who need more than the standard JumpStart DNN functionality.
We grant unlimited upload rights for JumpStart DNN based on Visual Data's "Open Use" policy and for a certain period of time that you think you need to refine your application under Visual Data's "Extended Use" policy. This is the timeframe that the Extended Use will be in effect.

Benefits of the Extended Use licence
  • Help and consult on JumpStart DNN
  • Help and consult on DatabaseBuilder
  • Support on all JumpStart related technical issues
  • Support on all JumpStart Data modelling issues

Visual Data's JumpStart DNN ApplicationBuilder generates your application by interpreting the databasemodel that you feed it with.
The benifits of this way of working are substantial, especially when time and money are key reasons in developing DotNetNuke applications..
Also here is a huge improvement in reducing development time. along with testing and maintenance.


Because all the code that Visual Data's JumpStart DNN ApplicationBuilder produce is consistend and uniform. Always.
The code is self documented and there is also an extended tracelog build in so any software developer can easily maintain the code without first having to study what parts of code might do, or how certain algoritms work.

This makes maintenance especially friendly because your developers always know where to look for the functions in the code.
This makes it also easy for teams of developers and testers, because the consistancy and uniformity of the code makes that they don't need to spend time to read thru the code that other people might have designed and written a long time ago, and nobody can find any documentation anymore.

Another timesaver is the function "ExcelReader".
The ExcelReader is a nifty piece of work that lets the developer and tester use an Excelsheet with tablecontent to fill the tables every time they are renewed.
This makes it very friendly and timeconsuming because there is always a testbase at hand that can be loaded quick and easy, and guarantees a save and solid testbase throughout the development and testing stages.
After implementation of your application the ExcelReader can be used for the formal first filling of the productiontables with the productiondata.

Is the produced code ridgid then?

No, it isn't ridgit at all!
In fact, the Visual Data JumpStart DNN modules are designed to be "Casco" modules. This means that any DotNet developer is able to maintain or extend the application in any way that DotNet supports.