About the ObjectParameterSettings

The ObjectFlowCascade table contains the individual parameter settings for all of the objects in the system.
Any object can contain up to 5 parameters:

  • RunningHours;.

  • Param1; .

  • Param2; .

  • Param3; .

  • Param4; .

  • Theh use of the parameters is optional, but every object must have at least one parameter attatched to it.
    Which parameters are used in any object is set up in the objects maintenace screen. In the maintenance screen of the ObjectFlowCascede are the properties set per parameter that is involved in any perticular object.
    The parameter "RunningHours" is reserved as a special type because it holds the time that an object has been in action.
    The four parameters called "Param1"to "Param4" are "Multi Purpose" parameters. Any type of measurement can be assigned to one of these parameters, and tha name and metric are maintained in this table.
    There is also the possibility to suppress a parameter from showing in the "Installations" chart. This is especially usefull when there are a lot of graphic lines that do not contribute to significant recognition of failures or patterns.


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